22 02 2012

Agape (Greek, noun): Love, especially that which is spiritual and selfless in nature.

The journey that I am just beginning revolves around love. There is eros mixed in, and ecstasy in various forms, but the very center is nothing but agape, which is swirled, knitted and entwined throughout my spiritual path, the particular flavor of spiritual and religious practice that has always been prominent in my bloodline and personal wyrd and the devotion attached to the love that I have always freely given, whether to the important people in my life or the Deities that have been such a huge part of it.

While I have not been aware of the importance of my ancestry or the fact that my destiny affects far more spirits than my own for a very long time, those facts have informed and shaped my life in more ways than I can try to count. My path has been a difficult one because I have lacked teachers from this world, and been unable to hear or see those walking with me in other realms. I was never taught how to hear my Ancestors. I was never shown how to unlock and coax open my gifts or how to use them properly.

Now that I am aware of my role, my calling and the true direction that my wyrd has been tugging me in all along, I know that my life will never be the same again. It has meaning now, an importance beyond my wellbeing or that of those to whom I give my love. And that is deeply entwined with my conscious decision to separate myself from negative, harmful influence. I am on a fast track to finding peace, true happiness and fulfillment now that I have begun to take this step.

This project, for me, is about my path in life. And right now, a huge part of that is knowing that I do not want to be a person afflicted by negativity in any form. Agape has no room for being afraid all the time. I want a life full of agape, flowing to and from myself and those that I care about and will help on my journey through this life. And I know now that this desire is destined to be a reality. I am no longer afraid of what it means for me to be on a shamanic path. I welcome the journey with open arms and a heart full of agape.



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